When TeraStation TS-XEL Enters Emergency Mode (Error E06)

Recently I have bought a 2nd-hand Buffalo TeraStation TS-XEL/R5, it’s a 4-bay NAS.

Since it’s 2nd-hand, there’re no HDDs with it, hence no operating system installed, when it’s turned on, it reports “Error E06, Lost boot rom”. Here’s how I make it work:

What You Need

- 4 same sized disks, unpartitioned

- Firmware 1.54

- TFTP boot files

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Recover TeraStation TS-XEL from Error E00 (MPU No Response)

There were twice my XEL was stuck at boot, showing “Error E00 MPU no response” error, it’s likely the uboot was corrupted, in such a case, reflash the boot is the only choice.

Desolder the circled chip in the follow

ing image and reflash it with correct boot file and solder it back, this revived my NAS.

Download boot file.

Enable MediaServer / BitTorrent on TeraStation TS-XEL

Buffalo TeraStation TS-XL has MediaServer as well as BitTorrent support, however, same features are not available for a similar TS-XEL. This article describes an easy way to enable them on XEL.

1. Jailbreak your TS-XEL, this is easy, so I’ll not show the details here;
2. SSH onto your jailbroken box, edit /etc/nas_feature, change the following two settings from ‘off’ to ‘on’:


You may want to experiment other options.

3. Restart web admin UI with these commands:

/etc/init.d/httpd.sh stop
/etc/init.d/httpd.sh start

You’re done, you should see MediaServer and BitTorrent options in the Extensions section now.

Note: the /etc/nas_feature is re-created each time the NAS reboots.

Change TeraStation TS-XEL Front Panel Display

The /usr/local/sbin/miconapl is a powerful utility that controls lot of things, the syntax is:

miconapl -a command

The LCD display related commands are:


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Boogie Board, An Interesting Notepad

Recently, I bought an interesting gadget, a Boogie Board (I bought from This Taobao Merchant). The board is designed to be the paper and pen replacement, temporarily. Quote from it’s official web site,

“The next time you reach for a piece of paper and a pen – Don’t! Grab a Boogie Board instead, the tree-friendly alternative to memo pads, sketchbooks, sticky notes, dry erase boards and other writing/drawing mediums that can be re-used over 50,000 times!”

Sounds good right? Wait, there’s a catch. It can’t save the data, so a simple click will erase your writing/drawing completely. But this thing can still be very useful, for example, it’s perfect for calculation or recording a phone number while answering a call.

The pad reacts fast and accurately, and it displays thin or thick lines depending on pen pressures, a cool feature.

However, sometimes I feel it too sensitive, because it can easily generate some “noise” footprint when I occasionally put my hand on the pad. The pen is made of plastic, I even tried using toothpick and it worked perfectly :) Although you should avoid sharp materials.

The pad is very durable, it’s driven by a watch battery and claimed to be usable for 50000 times of erasure.

I actually tried two models, one is the US model which is available in the United States (Amazon), I get it from a friend, the o

ther is a Far East model, which is mainly for China market. Both models are the same, except the different captions in the title.

The following are the image of the two models I tried:

Two Boogie Board Models

Site Hosting Moved

This site has moved to a new web hosting service, WebHostingPad, which locates in the United States, offers faster, cheaper, and more reliable service.

Installing Windows 7 on Viliv X70 EX

My Viliv X70 EX comes with Windows XP, and I would like to install Windows 7 on it because XP doesn’t have good support for touch screen devices. Good news is that the Windows 7 drivers for Viliv X70 have been officially out, however, it’s sort of tricky to install the touch screen driver because the driver listed on the official site is not correct.

After some reading and tries I have finally managed to have Windows 7 running on Viliv X70 EX with all features working. Here are the steps I took to install Windows 7 on my Viliv.

WARNING: The following installation procedures will delete your AMI Rescue partition, after the installation, you will no longer be able to use AMI Rescue to restore to Windows XP. If you wanna return to Windows XP later, make sure you have a Ghost image before proceeding, otherwise you’ll have to install it manually through a DVD-ROM or USB flash drive and your AMI Rescue partition will be gone forever.

Things to Prepare

1. Make a Windows 7 installation USB flash drive, get the official tool at

Windows 7 USB Installation Tool

This tool will turn your USB flash into a Windows 7 installation media. Ignore this step if you plan to install using a USB DVD-ROM. I just prefer using a USB flash.

UPDATE: if you don’t know how to use the tool, please check Create Bootable Windows 7 USB Flash.

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Site Hosting Has Changed

My previous hosting service provider no longer offers VM for me, so I have moved my site back to a hosting service in China.

Since packets are filtered in China, the site might not be accessable for some areas (I have no idea which areas are affected though), such areas might have problem using iLiberty+ payload retrieving facility.

Sorry for the inconveniency.

UPDATE: If you’re getting 10060 error while accessing the payload repo, try change the URL to: http://iliberty.insideiphone.com/repo.plist

UPDATE: the old domain name (zjlotto.com) no longer works for me, if you’d like to download any files on this site, you have to change the URLs manually, replace any zjlotto.com with insideiphone.com. For example, change the URL http://iliberty.zjlotto.com/repo.plist to http://iliberty.insideiphone.com/repo.plist.

A Potential Memory Leak in Twisted

Recently I’m developing a server module with Python, the module will initiate thousands of connections to a Jabber server, and there’re many clients connect/disconnect to/from this module, so I’ve created a pool to hold all the connections.

To maintain such a pool, the module has to frequently construct object (when user connects) and deconstruct object (when user leaves), I implement the module using Twisted framework.

After some tests, there seems memory leaks, this is not allowed for a server-side application, so I tried to hunt the leak down, after some tests I finally found where the problem exists.

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3G Unlock: A Scam ?

Today I received a mail which offered an ‘opportuniy’ to make huge bucks from iPhone 3G unlock, the deal looked like this:

hi, hello, i got my version 2.0 3G 16GB black phone bought in gray market shop in malaysia fully unlock using iliberty plus. everyone was saying that 3G cannot be unlock, but i have dones it now. the system is still mines secret,but i have used your iliberty plus base only to success for unlock.

this is first times in the whole worlds for 3G full scientific software unlock.if you are intereststed, we can discuss financial figures for passing the technologies over to youself. once time payment is required only, afterwords you can sell for million $$$$ to millions peoples waiting for so long for 3G unlock.

i have kept gmail i.d. error, we will contact in correct way, firstly you must post on your site

to address ******, yes, we are interested in your tecnologies. then we will forward everyway.

regards, for quick action to paste “yes reply” on your site.

Is this a deal or a scam? You decide :) But I think it’s just someone who was trying to fake people that he/she owns my blog LOL.