iLiberty+ is freeware !

iLiberty+ does NOT work on 2.0+ so don’t bother asking !

Setup Files

Latest stable version:

iLiberty+ Windows version 1.3.0 – Get it HERE.
iLiberty+ Mac OS X version 1.51 – Get it HERE


Full range of iPhone hacking, including but not limited to jailbreak, activation, unlocking, 3rd party application installation, etc.
Fully script-driven, allow unlimited external payloads
iPod Touch support (jailbreak and application installation)
Directly download missing payloads in GUI
Proxy support for payloads download
Support both Installer and Cydia
Automatic online update

Update / Patches

iLiberty+ Windows offers online update feature, but if for some reason you have difficulties updating online, you may download the following patch, put it into iLiberty+ installation folder, execute the patch file to update.

Patch for earlier versions, upgrade old versions to 1.3.0 – Get it HERE.

Frequently Asked / Answered Questions

Please refer to the article: Frequently Asked Questions for iLiberty+.

Bugs / Fixes

Please refer to the article: Bugs and Fixes for iLiberty+


Please refer to the article: What’s Next For iLiberty+

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