Various vfdecrypt for Windows

The vfdecrypt for Windows requires libeay32.dll to work properly. Use google to get a copy of it.

For firmware 1.1.2:

Syntax: vfdecrypt112.exe 022-3725-1.dmg decrypted112.dmg
Download: vfdecrypt for 1.1.2

For firmware 1.1.1:

Syntax: vfdecrypt111.exe 022-3602-17.dmg decrypted111.dmg
Download: vfdecrypt for 1.1.1

For firmware 1.0.2:

Syntax: vfdecrypt102.exe 694-5298-5.dmg decrypted102.dmg
Download: vfdecrypt for 1.0.2

For firmware 1.0.1 (1C25):

Syntax: vfdecrypt101.exe 694-5281-6.dmg decrypted101.dmg
Download: vfdecrypt for 1.0.1

Note: vfdecrypt101 seems not work with 1C25, in which case use vfdecrypt102 instead.


  1. MJApple
    Posted July 14, 2008 at 11:24 pm | Permalink

    Please post for 1.1.4

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